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Time Travel Art

What does a time machine look like?

From phone boxes in Dr Who, cars in Back to the Future, spaceships in - well, science - platforms in The Time Machine, hot tubs in Hot Tub, and the weird train thing in the image above, time machines really do seem to come in all shapes and sizes. When we search for a means to physically travel in time, what really are we after? Can we really be searching for something if we have no idea what it looks like?In any event, coming up with new modes of time travel is itself an art. Trains make perfect sense, although I don't really understand why this one has no carriages. Check out this collection of all kinds of different time machines and broaden your time travel imagination.Source: KoAltaiTeMaungaSource: WikimediaSource: Wretched StareImage: wannywanwanTop Image: Cylonka...

Time Machine In Your Pocket

Can't wait for the invention of the flux capacitor? Neither could a bunch of geeks, so they've invented a ton of time-travel themed apps over the years that you can run right now on your mobile. Not absolutely the same, but it might still give you a sense of going through this tunnel without actually needing to go there.Now there's a pretty neat list of all the major time travel apps you can get right now.As an android user, I must confess to having Cut the Rope Time Travel on my phone - it's actually a pretty fun distraction, it's free, and time seems to flow faster while playing it. Still I think compared to many other genres of apps, those based on time travel all too often cliched and boring.Check out the list of apps here: we're on the subject of mobiles, check out time torque's new mobile-friendly version coming very soon....

Another Futuristic Art Collection

Each of us have different ideas about the future. Some think it's going to be tough, others think life will be easy. Some think times ahead will be dark, others think our future is very bright. Urban or pastoral, in space or even underwater - nowhere is the contrast between all these theories more starkly illustrated than in these pictures. Twenty five modern paintings. Twenty five completely different visions of the future. At least twenty four of them are wrong.If you could travel to the future, what would you hope to be able to do there? Based on these pics, what are your odds you'd be able to do it?Check them out at

Historical re-enactment of museum can be more popular than a regular museum

In 1813, the author Jane Austen visited an art gallery (around the time of the publication of her most famous work, Pride and Prejudice). Today you can visit the same gallery virtually - a historical re-enactment of looking at even more historical paintings.While perhaps not the most exciting form of time travel since the paintings still exist today, it has proven incredibly popular, with over 20,000 visitors already. Called "What Jane Saw", the exhibition is at the University of Texas, and apparently sets a precedent for other exhibitions like it to come.Ironically, Austen wrote about this exhibition to her sister, saying that the portrait groupings would only be understood by a person of her time.Read the full story at

What will Everyday Items Look Like in 100 years?

Japanese artist Maico Akiba has some ideas! His collection "100 years later" takes everyday objects like scissors, shoes and jackets, and sends them on an artificial journey through 100 years of degeneration. Now you can see what the future may hold for some of the most unexpected items around you. Don't worry, it's probably not as apocalyptic as it looks! Take a peek at the full collection here....

Awesome Cities Of The Future

Scott Richard works professionally as a 3D artist and matte painter, but recently he's made a whole bunch of awesome images of what the future may hold for one of his projects. Check him out at and download some of his images at I've always found it interesting how we always expect the future to be busier, more full of lights and hovercars and tall buildings. While that does seem to be the direction our society is headed at present, bear in mind that where we are today is nothing like what we thought we were headed towards 100 years ago. Still, these images are undoubtedly really impressive and inspirational....

Future Cemetery

If you want a fast pass to the world as it was some generations ago, go to any cemetery. Most have been unchanged other than a couple of new additions for a very long time - and cemeteries are not likely to be going away any time soon. As the Twitter page of this very cool piece of art notes: "We all know that death is in the future. We just want to make the future more visible." You can also hit them up on the web here.While we're on the topic - has the future cemetery project (as this image comes from) got it right? io9 notes that it looks like we're in for some changes in that department soon too - with some advocating more natural burials (to deal with overpopulation), cryonics (freezing people that are almost dead), and even interactive or fully virtual headstones. Designing the future is really difficult when we can't even work out what we want to do......