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Do you have an interesting personal experience, story or anecdote regarding time travel? What are your thoughts or theories about it? Got something to share that we missed on the rest of the site? If so, please use this form to post it here:

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Is this the Key to Time Travel?

A woman going by the nickname Time Explorer recounts her time slip experience in the forum at www.theparacast .com According to the woman she was seven years old, it was July 1968 and she was living in Fitchburg, Massachusetts in the United States. Today Fitchburg has a population of around 40 000 people but it was probably less back then. She talks of a six minute time slip experience where she is walking through the woods near her home, pushing leaves and branches out of her way as she went when she comes across a road and houses that look like nothing else she had seen being futuristic with coloured roofs big windows and a road that was smooth and made of silvery / white metallic cement ‘and the streetlights looked different too’. What is interesting about her account is her description of how she was walking through the woods, ‘The woods were thick and shady I was pulling off branches and leaves away from my face, hair and body.’ Later in response to questions about her experience she says that she had ‘scratches and scrapes all over my arms and legs’ when she left the woods and went home and that she remembers the experience ‘as clear as day.’ Thinking of a seven year old girl who isn’t very tall, pushing her way through the woods just like many country kids have it isn’t hard to imagine her state of mind; totally absorbed in the task of fending off the underbrush and branches almost on autopilot. This is important because she says she had another time slip experience, this time when she was an adult where she was driving down a street she knew well when, ‘all of a sudden I drove into the past and came upon this unfamiliar place seeing an old gas station with a round white sign with round blacked trimmed edge around it with black lettering.’ This experience only lasted 30 seconds and then she was back in her familiar street again, but if we look at her state of mind, she is driving in a familiar place. How many of us drive every day over a familiar route? Do we pay much attention or are we really almost on autopilot, absorbed in driving and aware but not really paying attention? It seems that her state of mind was similar in each time slip experience. Though in the first she seems to have slipped forward and in the latter into the past. This state of mind seems to crop up quite regularly in time slip experiences, could this be the key to time travel? ...