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Time Travel News

Apps transferring time memory

The human brain is still the best time travel device known. Nothing gets you closer to a sense of how things really were than memory, and a little imagination.It seems the recent roundup of interesting time travel apps we featured missed one out - this little gem. Based on where you are in Paris, it shows you where you would have been if you had visited Paris at another time. Handy in case you want to re-live any of the exciting things happening in Paris 100 years ago.It's pretty amazing how snapshots in time like this can give you a real experience of a time. It's not hard to imagine the setting of the image above in temporal terms, like walking down a street. With so many such images, this app is really more like a choose-your-own-adventure historically-set storybook. So if you're in Paris, make sure you get the app (or any of the other supported cities - apparently currently Vancouver, Montreal, Barcelona and Tampa) you can now feel like you've already been there....

San Francisco Time Travel Event

This Saturday, Science Fiction in San Francisco is holding a special fundraiser for the Variety and Wonderfest charities, complete with refreshments, a raffle, a screening of the awesome film of a man's dream to build a time machine called "Safety Not Guaranteed", and a special talk by Prof. Ken Wharton on "the logic and illogic of time travel". For those nearby, check it out!The event is called "Travel Thru Time", and you can read about it at

Iran claims time machine invention

Iran may be the world power known for not being able to build a nuclear reactor even after 30 years of painstaking research and help from the Russians. Now, however, one Iranian businessman - Ali Razeghi - is claiming to be able to correctly predict your future. Not with tarot cards or crystal balls, but with fingerprints. Despite the fact that his project has almost zero scientific basis, he did manage to get a bunch of popular science periodicals to write about him, like National Geographic and Discovery. They're calling it the Iranian time machine. Several blogs throughout the internet have already questioned what this might mean for the future if the machine turns out to live up to its claimed 98% accuracy rating. Like most such claims over the past century or so, it's 98% certain that this will blow over by the time any of the machine's claims can actually be verified. Whether or not the machine will actually turn out to be useful - only time will tell. Image credit: The Sun...

News Flash: Drugs don't give you time-travel powers

Recently, the Times Union reported that 22-year-old Terrence Rudes thought he could time travel like in the movie "Back To The Future". It turned out that he had just taken alcohol and LSD, not actually gained any powers to travel in time - and that after he drove into another car he ended up in jail, not the future.Using "but I thought I could time travel" in a court is a pretty odd defense, and no doubt the fact that he was on drugs and intentionally drove into another car factored much more heavily into the judge's reasoning as he sentenced the man to jail for up to three years....

Living in the past

Human brains have an enormous capacity to time travel, and in fact do so all the time. Case in point are all the numerous "pioneer" villages around the world, including this one in the US that was recently profiled on this site.Once a site for Civil War re-enactments, the "Pioneer Village" (as its called) is now a retreat for people who want to step back to life as it was in 1863, exactly 150 years ago.It's a way of physically being there without having to be temporally there - although really, it might as well be any year you imagine it to be if you're on a retreat like this. Missing times when things are harder to do might seem strange to many people, but according to the article lots of people do enjoy it. Maybe temporal time travel (as opposed to just imagined) to the past might be enjoyable despite the problems?...