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Terms of Use

While Time Torque intends to be a relaxed and friendly community portal for time travel enthusiasts, there are a few basic ground rules that should be made clear. These terms govern your use of this site and are subject to change without us necessarily giving you notice. By using this site, you consent to the present version of these terms of use.

Time Torque may collect general non-identifiable usage information about the site to help us understand how our visitors generally browse the site and what kind of content they'd like to see. This information may be collected through third parties such as Google's Analytics platform. No personally identifiable information about you is held by Time Torque.

We are not responsible for the content or privacy policies of websites that we link to.

Time Torque is primarily a media site and thus posts content, including images, from third party sources, giving full credit where appropriate. These sources may be copyrighted, and if so are provided for the purposes of reportage and/or review, along with appropriate attribution. If we accidentally post copyrighted material that you'd like to have taken down, please be in touch and we'll get it sorted out ASAP. Other than such material, all content on Time Torque and the site's design are under copyright to Time Torque and/or its owners. You agree not to distribute, upload, copy, share etc. any content exceeding the scope of your rights on Time Torque.

Time Torque is not responsible for the content of experiences or comments left by users on the site. That being said, users are expected to self-moderate any content they post on the site, and refrain from posting material they do not have appropriate permission to post. Site users accept full accountability and responsibility for their actions on Time Torque.

Content posted on Time Torque becomes the property of the site and/or its owner(s). By posting such content, you consent to its display on the site, and possibly indexing by third-party services such as search spiders.

Impersonation, cyberbullying, advertising, fraud, and other uses for which this site was not specifically designed are prohibited. For example, on the experience page, you may only post your experiences, and on the comments pages, you may only post relevant comments, as that is what those forms were specifically designed for. The use of Time Torque to commit any kind of illegal act (including the use of the site itself, if applicable) is naturally prohibited. Hateful, defamatory, harassing, sexually explicit, offensive, profane, illegal or clearly obscene content is also outside of the site's purpose and will not be tolerated, as is junk mail, spam etc. If you are under the age of majority, please ensure that you have appropriate permission to post any content.

No responsibility is taken for any errors in this website's contents, including transmission errors, interception, hacking or any other interruption to the normal operation of this website. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we also exclude liability for any human errors on the website.

Code injection or performing any activity that is likely to interfere with the normal operation of the site (including but not limited to introducing viruses, bugs etc) is prohibited.

The site administrators may moderate and edit content on Time Torque from time to time. Any data on Time Torque should not be taken as secure.

The site provides an RSS feed for convenience. You may not add advertising into the RSS feed. Time Torque reserves the right to discontinue or limit this service in any way, at any time, and without any notification. Time Torque assumes no liability for your use of the RSS functionality provided. The RSS feed should be assumed to be under copyright and should always be properly attributed to Time Torque, along with a link to the site if possible.

No content posted on Time Torque should be posted anywhere where it might create an association that would harm Time Torque, including making a representation that Time Torque, its owners, administrators, and/or users (individually or as a group) support third party causes or marketing material.

You may not access Time Torque via any interface other than that provided by Time Torque.

You may not reverse engineer, disassemble, "hack" or otherwise seek to replicate or compromise the site or its security in any way. This includes the circumvention of features designed to provide security to the site and its users.

While we'd like everyone to be able to enjoy Time Torque, members may from time to time be banned if they have engaged in activities violating these terms. In such instances, banned members will be made well aware,and their access to the site suspended.

Time Torque is provided "as is" and might not be perfect. To the maximum extent allowed by law, Time Torque disclaims any and all warranties about the site, including that it is free from viruses, prohibited content, or other unsafe material. That being said, Time Torque will do what it can to keep the community as safe and problem-free as possible.

Comments on this site are provided by IntenseDebate. They might have their own terms which you need to comply with in addition to those for Time Torque - please check this carefully.