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Time Travel Videos

Time Travel? - Think Again!

In this short humorous video, some puppets explain why time travel might not be all that it appears to be. It's a bit silly but definitely very interesting and already, having reached a quarter of a million hits already on Youtube. And as everyone has been commenting, the ending is absolutely genius....

Another possible time traveller?

Here you have it - actual photo and video evidence of a suspected time traveller. What do you think? Real, fake, or just a bunch of similar-looking-but-not-actually-the-same people? And if it was real, how would you know?...

History Channel documentary

If you can stand the very fast editing, over-the-top graphics and a voice-over that sounds cliche for History Channel programs, this 45-minute documentary actually has some neat interviews and interesting perspectives. It's interesting to see just how much time travel permeates our society that it features on the history channel as opposed to the things-yet-to-be-invented channel. What do you think?...

Stephen Hawking Explains Time Travel

Check out these videos of famous cosmologist and writer Prof. Stephen Hawking - equally famed for his book "A Brief History of Time" and his paralysis / speech making computer. Here he explains two scientifically-certain ways to get to the future (other than, you know, just waiting) as part of his show "Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking".It's interesting to see just how "extreme" scientists are thinking - time machines being supermassive black holes or vast engineering projects instead of tiny flux capacitors. Is it actually feasible? And can scientists figure out how to reverse this process? Or will time travel necessarily have to rely on as yet unproven laws?In any event, the animations are undeniably very awesome in a sci-fi way....